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2003 E320
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Just purchased a 2003 E320, with 73K miles, in terrific general condition.

I noticed that when barely rolling (say, in a parking lot, after backing out of a space), if I shift from reverse to drive (or the other way around) the car makes a fairly loud `clunk' and shudders a bit, if the car is not completely stopped. Otherwise, the transmission seems to be operating perfectly.

I've never experienced this with any other car with automatic transmissions, over many years of driving.

Is this normal, meaning you cannot shift from drive to reverse unless the car is 100% stationary? Or, is this an indication of a problem?

A hint: The dealer said the car had some `vibration' when they took it in trade, and replaced the engine mounts. Could the cause of that problem be related to the cause of the `clunk'?

I am new to Mercedes, so will appreciate your help.


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