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Clunk when changing gear

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My W123 has a manual 5 speed. When pulling away in 1st, if I don't release the clutch gently I get a slight clunk.
This also happens when changing to 2nd and to a lesser extent 3rd.
There's obviously some play somewhere but I'd like advice where to look first.
If I grab the prop shaft, should there be any rotational play at the diff end? What about the gearbox end?
I read somewhere it could be engine mounts, but these have been changed recently along with gearbox mount and diff mount.
Could this be a sign the clutch needs changing?
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If not a good brand they have now gone bad .Mercedes parts only for these rubber flexi plates .Check it again to be sure .Along with propshaft nuts and bolts .I have had the nuts come loose on one car i had ,And if those are ok then it would be final drive play .;
Driveshafts will need replacing .. Get a garage to look at it first .
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