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Clunk when changing gear

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My W123 has a manual 5 speed. When pulling away in 1st, if I don't release the clutch gently I get a slight clunk.
This also happens when changing to 2nd and to a lesser extent 3rd.
There's obviously some play somewhere but I'd like advice where to look first.
If I grab the prop shaft, should there be any rotational play at the diff end? What about the gearbox end?
I read somewhere it could be engine mounts, but these have been changed recently along with gearbox mount and diff mount.
Could this be a sign the clutch needs changing?
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What about those plastic dog bone looking things on rear axle hubs. Forgot the name of them..sway bar link?
and the front end is all good (ball joints etc ?)
I was thinking where the sway bar connects to firewall. Had similar clunk issue on my once upon a time W116 many years ago.
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