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Clunk when changing gear

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My W123 has a manual 5 speed. When pulling away in 1st, if I don't release the clutch gently I get a slight clunk.
This also happens when changing to 2nd and to a lesser extent 3rd.
There's obviously some play somewhere but I'd like advice where to look first.
If I grab the prop shaft, should there be any rotational play at the diff end? What about the gearbox end?
I read somewhere it could be engine mounts, but these have been changed recently along with gearbox mount and diff mount.
Could this be a sign the clutch needs changing?
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What about the centre bearing on the drive shaft and / or the flex plates ...... I had a worn centre bearing that used to shudder when taking off (auto trans in this case).
I gather it happens when the torque is rapidly applied from releasing the clutch (not too slowly).
Assuming the cross member if bolted on tight, as is the trans to the car
, looks like it is gear box / clutch related as we have eliminated everything else.....
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and the front end is all good (ball joints etc ?)
I have had a cracked rear trail link (on an imported UK wagon) that was caused by internal rust. The trail links arms OK
Nope that is not OK - Did you say they were new ?
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Hi - PM me if you want a diff centre as I have a few and have come to the conclusion I wont be using them anytime soon. Do you know what ratio the 230E 5 Speed Uses ? Not sure how much to freight from AU to MY tho as they are heavy (probably 15Kgs).
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