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I have been "looking" for a G-wagon for a while. I want to find an earlier black with grey interior and I ran across this one on ebay (VIN: WDCYR49E93X134977): Mercedes Benz G Class Base Sport Utility 4 Door | eBay. I spoke the the seller who pointed me to their website for a Carfax: Sky Motor Cars | Pre-owned Dealer | West Chester, Pennsylvania.

When I checked it out, the Carfax note a "odometer inconsistency" with the third owner. The mileage went from around 49K to 100K and then back to 55K. Carfax blew it off as a data entry error, but I didn't quite believe that (there is clearly also another vehicles service records from Florida interwoven, but I'm ignoring that).

I did a linear regressions analysis in Excel for the data points after the inconsistency which yielded an average mileage of 55 miles/day. The later data points are very consistent with respect to time, so the car was used regularly. When I use 55 miles/day to "model" the third owner's usage, it predicts almost exactly the 100K miles figure and shows that the true mileage is closer to 160K. The difference between the "current" mileage (113K) and 160K is almost the same as the missing miles from when it went from 100K to 55K.

All of this suggests to me that it has been "clocked" or rolled back. I have read that the W203 class instrument electronics which are used on these early G-wagons are relatively easy to alter. Does anyone have any experience or know anything more about this area?

The car is what I have been looking for, but the red flags are up. They did agree to have it inspected by the local MB dealer, but I'm not sure they could make a determination.

Thank you all very much in advance!

- FD
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