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Hi All!

I just bought this car last week, 1999 W208 with 121,000 miles a christmas present for my wife.

It is dark blue with grey leather, dark blue top. 17" chrome amg style wheels, 225/45-17 front 255/40-17 rear Yokohama's on it for now, I just ordered new Michelin Pilot's from tire rack, it will have 245/40's on the rear when they arrive, will get an alignment then too.

I ordered a bunch of parts to service it from Partsgeek, good service. fast shipping, plugs, filters, dipsticks, gaskets.... all good quality.

I went to Calabasas Mercedes two times today, good service but they charge up to 300% of mercedes list price on small parts! I like everything on the car to be correct, a radiator hose bracket was broken at the oil filter housing, one of the rubber mounts was missing off the r/f valve cover for the engine top cover, jacking point snubber missing from r/r rocker lower, it had a frozen a/t pan bolt (I had to mig weld a nut on to remove) (broke torx 30 snap on in it!) A great trick I learned from a good muffler guy who removes broken manifold studs that way. new a/t drain plug and gasket completes the dealer list so far.

I am replacing 12 Bosch platinum spark plugs (hardest I have ever changed) Bosch fuel filter, engine oil and fleece Mann filter, engine coolant, trans oil / filter and rear end oil.

I got coolant from the dealer, he gave me a "discount" and only charged $20.
I used 4 quarts mb trans oil (free from friend) 1.5 qts. castrol synthetic 90 wt in rear end, castrol synthetic 10w-40 8.5 quarts, (5 quart jugs $22. at wal mart) in engine.

I am going to finish the service tomorrow, after a stop by the snap on dealers house for a better spark plug socket and some boot pliers.

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