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Hi all - I've searched this forum but can't find anything that answers my question.

I have bought a W208 2000 CLK convertible (in the UK) and want to replace the MB header unit and boot changer and put in an aftermarket double din DVD player with SD card for my MP3/WMA.

The new unit comes with std ISO Connectors that, when I connect to my old Ford Cougar, it works a treat. However I can't seem to get it working in my CLK.

THe MB HU is an Audio 10. There are 3 black connectors into the back and an orange one (with a strange red and clear light on the piece that plugs into the back of the HU - not sure what this is for!)

I ahve worked out that one of the 3 black connectors is for teh speakers and I've checked the wiring diagram and it all looks to replicate the std ISO wiring which is fine. This is labelled B in the Pin Connections piece of the manual.

The other connector is C for the CAN BUS etc. Whilst I have steering wheel controls I have assumed that I won't be able to get the volume control to work on my new unit so have sacrificed this. :crybaby2:

The third connector is labelled A and has the following pins connected:
2 Diagnostic & config
4 constant positive
5 control output for antenna
8 earth

ON my new system the std ISO connector has correct connections for 4, 5, 8but not 2.

When I plug it all together I get a glow light on the front of the new unit, but then after a few seconds it switches off and I get nothing. I am wondering if the fact that there is nothing to connect 2 to then this might have somthing to do with it?

I bought a MB ISO to ISO afternmarket connector conversion loom but it just seemed to replicate the same colours to the same pins on all the ISO plugs with none of them crossing over from one pin to the other which seemed strange - essentially an extension cable for the ISo with no functionality as I can see it.

I am at the point of paying £40 to have kwikfit install it for me but seems a little daft if it's just a matter of swapping a few cables over - can anyone help?

As I said - it plugs straight into my old Cougar and all works perfectly fine.

THanks in advance.

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