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Merc CLK320 W208 Convertible (2002) AMG Kit and Command / Porsche Boxster (986) 2.5 (1998)
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Hi all,

Firstly I am new to this site and also new to MB Ownership having just bought a 2002 CLK320. the car is lovely, but as with any used cars I have a few issues!!!!

The first was the fact the passanger seat did not move forward and back or up and down. All other motions worked fine tho, so I took it to merc dealer, who quoted me £199.00 AFTER INVESTIGATION to remove pass seat replace motors and refit seat!!!

Was going to book the car in, when I read on this site to check the fuse in the boot!!!! low and behold the fuses was blown!!! I replaced it myself and now the seat works fine.....just goes to show how much investigation work the dealers done!!!!

Anyway, After the great (even tho simple) advice, I also have a really bad FM signal on my Radio (COMMAND). I have read a few threads on this but most am for coupes not cabs!!!!

Can anyone please give me a really simple and detailed decription of which fuses could have blown for antenna amp????, The location of Antenna Amp??? or and thing else that could be causing the problem!!!

Cheers for your help guys!!!!!
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