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Hi all .
I have a problem with my clk . The roof won't open.
I can hear the motor in the boot working , but the panel at the back of the roof does not open .
Can anyone help please,
Thanks mark

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See if this helps:

I would also recommend that you buy your own scan tool that can read your car's proprietary systems. A generic $25 OBDII scanner won't do this. There are some fairly affordable ($100 or so) tools that will do this such as the Autel DiagLink, iCarsoft (i980, MB-II v 2.0 or v3.0) and the Foxwell n510 Elite. There may be others, too. Just look for ones advertised as reading "all systems" and for Mercedes-Benz. This way, you can read and reset codes for yourself without paying the shop. There are many people in the forums that, given the proper codes, can give you some direction.
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