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CLK or Porsche

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Got my CLK last year but lately I've been seeing shitload of them on the roads.

I was thinking about getting a Porsche 911.

Anybody owned one before?
Would you trade you CLK for a 911?
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There is no question here...

go with the porsche. It is so much hotter than the clk. Sure you'll lose the slight practicality edge that the clk has over the carrera but its a porsche! Im just glad that you arent looking at offense anyone, but carreras to me are the ideal German coupe` CLKs are nice, but the porsche badge, the rear engine, and that steering wheel are just unbelievable. Go porsche, definitely.

I bought my 98 320 for mid teens [8D] obviously not the best CLK out there, but not bad for someone in their late teens [:D]
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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