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CLK heating blows cold on corners

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My 2003 W209 CLK 320 heater blows cold air into the cabin when I go round corners. Any ideas please? I take a route to work with lots of bends and as it's starting to get chilly in the mornings I'd really like to put a stop to it.

Thanks Oliver
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With the greatest of respect, I find this statement almost unbelievable....:)

There must be another cause of this unwanted cold air. :confused:
I am describing the symptom accurately, I have no idea of the cause.

I pressed recirculate and demist at the same time, they flashed alternately and went through a blower test cycle. We ended up with the demister light on.

I've asked the question on another forum and "duo" valve was mentioned there too...hmmm

Thanks Oliver
Fairly sure it's in both directions, I'll try and do some more controlled examination, under acceleration, deceleration, with or without the air-con on (have tried the latter actually and it happens in both scenarios).
Does anyone have a good detailed breakdown of how the system works, what the components are etc etc please?
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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