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CLK Dust pollen filter

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Has anyone changed this before? Do you know the procedure? thanks!
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Take out the glove box. It's on the lower left once it's out. Pull it out. Don't worry it's meant to shatter into pieces when you remove it.

Put new one in, reinstall glove box.
Out of curiosity...

How often should this be done?

When it starts to smell a bit moldy.... like very very old wet leather [;)]

It's part of B Service.
I'd do it every 20,000 miles...

cuz after 20k it gets really black and u're breathing that stuff..
frank is wrong

on the clk you dont have to pull out glove box. It is located by the passenger footwell. You only remove the glove box on an e class.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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