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CLK 320

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I have 1995 C280 with 128k miles. I've had nothing but great service out of it and it has been in the shop for routine maintenance only. My wife wants to trade it for a 2003 CLK 320. Can I get some feedback on this car? Are you happy with it? I'm leaning more toward the 2004 BMW 5 series which will look a lot like the new 7 series. Any suggestions?
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I'm actually in Germany right now on a business trip and saw the new 5 series. It looks awsome, and seeing haul ass at about 140 MPH was pretty impressive as well. I'll still go for the CLK of course because yeah some places there are more CLK's but still an impressive sight. I really love my CLK. That's a hard choice to make but, either way you go you should be happy. At least take both for a drive. I think the handling of a BMW is a bit better, but the style of the Benz is nice as well. I mean are you going to be hauling ass the whole time through mountains? hehe well then again people do. Good luck
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