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Hi all,

i am new to the forum, i have done the presentation but now it's time to talk about my car, a 2001 CLK 230 Kompressor (2.3L) with 145KW.

I'd like to give the car some sprint so i decided to buy a new pulley for the car. I have read many and many threads about the arguments and, as far as i know, ASP major crank pulley is the best choice.

The fact is that i am from Italy and, even if they ship worldwide, adding taxes and shipping will cost very much for the Pulley and the Belt.

So, i talked with my mechanic and he said that the only pulley he will eventually mount is the one smaller to the supercharger.

He argued that the one bigger to the crank are less safe to the motor in general, the ringed ones but even the major ones (like that from ASP).

Now, i have very confidence on my mechanic so for me one of the other pulley is exactly the same. Reading about this pulley on the forum, unforunately, lead to less to nothing info about. 99% of postlift CLK's and SLK's use the major crank pulley. The only info i have found on the smaller to the supercharger says that, because the sc pulley is already very small, a smaller one will cause the belt to slip.

Now, my mechanic says that there will be no problem and he is sure about that. What you guys think about? Anyone ever tried smaller sc pulley only to a CLK/SLK postlift ?

Did i have to try this or i have to ask another mechanic for the "classic" bigger crank pulley?

What about HP/NM gains? Are they the same for the two kind of pulley?

The one i want to install is like this one: Mercedes Kompressor Eaton Tuning kit M45 +30PS | eBay

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english, i use a translator for that!

Long story short: smaller sc pulley only on a postlift CLK 230 Kompressor 145KW (197cv) has the same effect of the one from ASP?
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