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I have bought a new noise insulation "foam-sheet" for the engine hood as the old were falling into pieces.

The old insulation was glued and fixed with black plastic clips - can anyone tell me how to remove these clips, does it require a special tool?

Any tricks for removing the old glue?
(power wash didn't do much good).

Is there any special R129 tools which are useful for general maintenance?

Thanks in advance!

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I have replaced it on my car
(sory for bad english I am from Croatia)

You need a screwdriver and one of this

litle plastic clip is made from two pices, you have a litle space betwen two pieces, you first use tool from the picture I puted to make litel more space betwen two pieces dont be hard on it, You have to pull out first piece then you can pull out the second with screwdriver, bee carefull this pieces can brake easely.

Old glue dont remove, it is too hard and it can damage the hood, yust put new glue on the old (the glue I used was cald the "Neostik") and put "foam sheet" on the hood.

If you will use the neostik glue here is a few tips

1. put some old shets papers or anithing on the engine and the bumpers to protect the glue to drop on it

2. this Neostik is glue witch is wery strechi so be carefull from gluing your self

3. put back plastic clips together with "foam sheet" dont worry if it is too big a litle it wil get fine later

4. go from the top of the hood and put the glue on the hood where was the old and do it 1/4 of hood in a time, make shure you put the glue on the part of the hood where it has a "bump or a hole" (dont know how to say it), and on the ends where the "foam sheet" ends

5.when you glued the "foam sheet" on go once again with your hand thru all parts to make shure its glued on

sory for any gramar mistakes, I know to speek english but dont know writing very well


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