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Clink clink on startup

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Hi All,
My 98 makes a very odd "clink clink" sound sometimes on a cold start (engine not warmed up). Its a high pitched metallic "clink clink" sound. It seems to come from the rear of the car, although it is hard to tell. There are only a couple of "clinks", then it stops.

Anyone else notice this? For me this has been happening ever since I got the car (I'm the original owner). I took it to the dealer, with a recording of the sound even, and they were stumped.

There doesn't seem to be any side affects, its just odd.

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Well, I'm on my 3rd battery, and the sounds have occured on all of them.
I get a loud clanking noise to when I 1st start the car. Its hyour car statring cold. it wont to it if I park it run into a store and come out.

I asked the dealer about it a while ago and its normal. I couldnt tell you exactly where the noise is comming from tho sorry.
Hmmm...anyone else here this noise?

Your car is the same color is mine (the best BTW!)Perhaps is just the Bahamma Blue models!

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