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Climate control question

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What is the best method of setting the ML climate control to effect a small degree of air conditioning? Sometimes I just want a slight cooling effect when the weather is mild, but can only achieve this with both the AC on and the temperature control set in the red (heating). Is this the best way? Any temperature setting in the blue just blows out artic cold air.

I am used to Mercedes sedans which have fully automatic climate control and can do all this easily. My ML430 has the older rotary controls.

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I don't usually put it in the red, I'll put mine between the red and blue, that usually will cool things off without having to get the winter coat out.
The pre-2002 ML’s used a “partially automatic� climate control system. What this means is that the system will automatically regulate the air temperature but will not regulate the air speed or vent direction. Even though it isn’t marked, the temperature dial actually has programmed settings. For example, the 12 o’clock position (i.e. pointing at the white zone) is about 72F. With this in mind, you are doing the right thing in putting your control into the red zone with the A/C compressor running to get the desired temperature.


I too have had problems with my 430 HVAC control system.
Seems to me that the temp sensor was never installed in these SUV's. The temp control takes time to adjust its set point. The best thing to do is start with 11 O'clock for AC- then adjust your fan to comfort. Same for heat set to 1 O'clock, adjust fan to comfort.

To all early ML owners: I think MB should submit recalls to fix the HVAC systems and the Radio Systems
in these SUV's. Also, never let an MB service dealer tell you that replacing one front shock @ 58,000 miles will not effect the steering of your vehicle.
It took me three times returning it to them to solve the problem.

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