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Climate control pushbutton box

I have replaced literally all the componenents in the climate control system inside the car. These include all the little vacuum motors for moving the various flaps etc., the vacuum switchover unit that resides behind the passenger air outlet, the push button control unit and the little potentiometer that lives up under the dashboard on top of the heater box.

My a/c will blow cold on some of the settings and I can get heat when I call for it. What I cannot get is the flaps that shut off the airflow to the windshield defroster nozzles to close when they should.

I have the MB climate control manual but it uses a lot of special tools for testing. Does anyone know how I can test the pushbutton box definitively. I may have gotten a dud when I replaced it. Right now I have the entire dashboard out because I'd like to solve this once and for all.

Any help appreciated as I have hundreds invested intrying to fix this system. At a minimum, does anyone know how to test the pushbutton box without the special MB "socket box"?


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