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Climate Control lights - and yes I searched.

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Hey everybody!

Well, painstainkingly I am in the process of updating my dash lights... WHAT A PAIN! I noticed that my CLIMATE CONTROL LIGHTS ARE OUT AS WELL.... (The big unit) I have already fixed my shifter lights and fan control light.. I read when I searched somthing about behind the buttons, I removed the buttons individually, no luck... Any detailed instructions to change these bulbs...
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I changed the one in the fan speed, and the ash tray, I am attempting to replace the two (?) bulbs that illuminate the AC/CIRCULATE/DEFROST/TEMP CONTROL, HEAT, VENT, FLOOR, ECT. BUTTONS....

Thanks for your assistance.

The P.O. of my car must have been a high schooler who really screwed up installing this cheap walmart cd player.. ugg.... I have removed the ashetray several times to reinstall lights and wires of various kinds...

So what you are saying is I need to remove the ashtray, then the wood trim (which is already cracker...grrrrr.. one is on the way) then reach behind and push the climate control from the rear to remove???

The whole center console is "loose" but doesnt seem easy to remove.... seemes like this kid also left about a dozen screws out of the dash (doesn't sqeak though). My car is great mechanically, and the interior is perfect, but I have put a lot of work into the electrical to restore it.... almost there!

Got it all fixed, thanks... I pulled the entire center console until i realized I could have simply removed the cover to the fan speed selector and pulled the two clips to slide out the climate control.

I need a wood kit for my car to fix all my mistakes!
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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