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Issues with my 85 300D-Turbo's Climate Control Fan.

Works with the AC on.
No Works with the Economy Button pressed.

Fuses are all good.
Temp sensor is connected and functioning fine.
Fan was tested external to the car with 12 v and is good.

Let me know if anyone else has seen this. Thanks Eric

Eric in Plano,Tx
85 300D 262K overall miles
50K on WVO (2 tank)
Rebuilt Transmission at 245k miles.

96 CE LT1
94 Nissian Hardbody
96 F250 XLT PowerStroke (also runs on WVO)

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1982 300D Turbo with newer engine (KKK Turbo)
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There are notorious problems with bad solder joints in the climate control panel behind the buttons you're pressing. They can cause all sorts of weird problems that are hard to diagnose and can seem like other external problems, but as far as I know the only thing that will make the fan consistently not-work in one button mode versus another is the panel itself. Look around for bad solder joints yourself and resolder them, or get a rebuilt panel for around $200. I just got one myself a few weeks ago, rebuilt by Programa, three year warranty, and it worked like a charm. Mine would only run the fan in defrost mode. I bought the rebuilt unit from a local shop but several of the online Benz specialists carry them.
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