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Climate Control Electrical Wires?

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Hi all, new member here. I recently purchased a W140 and I've been fixing a few things up here and there. The most recent maintanence that I'm working on is the climate control. It seems that the wires were cut before and I'm trying to figure out what goes to what. I've included some pictures, hopefully some master techs on this boards can help me out :D. Can anyone tell me which wire goes to what? I've circled the wires out to make them more apparent. Thanks :)

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Here's the schematics, were you can see which wire goes to which connector pins.

BKGYBU color code means Black/Grey/Blue and so forth.

BK black
BN brown
RD red
PK pink
YE yellow
GN green
BU blue
VT violet
BY grey
WH white


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And here's the legend, so you can see where wires go.


1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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