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Clear coat scratches

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I've got a couple of clear coat scratches here and there on my car. They aren't terribly visible unless you're very close to them and looking at the rough area. One is particularly long >< Since i know exactly where they are I end up looking at them all the time! Is there any product that i can use to reliably and easily get rid of them?

I'm pretty sure they are just the first of many i will have to endure over the course of my ownership. It is my only car, the weather here is pretty bad for most of the year and I work in a trading estate with all sorts of builders/roofing/scaffolding merchants on it! Dirt, dust and stones everywhere.

Car is black, Anything that can ease my pain?
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Black shows the dust and scratches worst.

You should get hold of Zaino/Finish First or some wax, and give your car a good coating or two. This usually hides the scratches.
I know your in the UK, but Zaino makes a sratch hiding polish. It is called Z-5. I'm sure that would do a great job. I swear by their other products.
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