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Cleaning up the egine compartment.

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I have a 90 300 SE which will hopefully be finished by the end of the summer. The car has been sitting in my shop yard for the past 4 years and I would like to make the engine compartment look clean again. What type of paints do you guys use on your engines I guess in the color black? I wanna make it look clean and because of the heat regular paint cannot be used I'm guessing. On top of the engine the paint is peeling and I would like to paint the exhaust manifold. So if anyone can recommend a type of paint in a sprayable form or even brushable would be great. Thanks
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It's not necessarily the paint itself so much as it is the surface preparation.

For the valve covers, I'd scrape as much paint off as possible and then sand the surface lightly. Apply a good autobody primer and then hit it with a spray of Tremclad or something similar.

The exhaust is another matter, as the temperatures here get high enough to destroy any type of paint put on the surface. I'm not aware of any type of DIY paint system that is durable enough to use on exhaust components.
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