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What's Up everyone!

I've recently acquired a '97 E 300 benz. The car is filthy inside and out.

What cleaning solutions are there that are safe for mercedes plastics and finishes that clean off dirt/grime, grease an dust in an engine compartment. Earlier today I washed out the air box with some Simple Green. What about engine foam degreaser from Gunk? IS that safe to spray on the block and clean the intake manifold, etc? Also in the manual I read about Mercedes recommending some anti-corrosion wax after washing? Does only Mercedes have this stuff?

I was thinking about purchasing the Zymol Leather kit to the clean and condition the leather. The leather interior itself is in good shape, no tears and significant wear, but is flat out dirty. Will these Zymol products be sufficient? Or should I use something else to "pre-clean" the leather surfaces? For the carpets I plan on using some 3M or woolite carpet spray. Anything better at Pepboys? For cleaning the leather and plastic surfaces, would a light concentration of Top Job harm the interior? I know it's for home use, but I got some sufficient slob dirt to clean. After the cleaning of the plastic surfaces I coating of Black Magic will b applied. Is this stuff sufficient or is there something better? Even though it may seem that I'm overkilling how dirty it is, I like this clean and keep them that way, especially my new Dies. [:D]

Thanx In Advance Guys!
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