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Cleaning MAF: broken vacuum hose / elbow - brake booster line

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Here's the story, ... i tried to clean the MAF sensor yesterday for my 01 c240, while taking off MAf, i managed to break the yelowish elbow beside the MAF, that connects the black plastic hose that goes to a distributor and then the line goes thru the fire wall, i think it's the brake vacuum hose that goes to the booster, now there is no power brakes. The black plastic hose has the PN on it 203 429 27 29 [I think, but, the numbers 29 in the middle are faded, so, I'm not sure] has a U shape and is oriented upside down. The elbow seems to be very brittle... , ready to go to the dealer, and not sure how to take off the elbow. It has a sort of black plastic groomet right when it goes into the engine block. The groomet has 2 small wings that can be pushed inwards. At a certain point I was able to take the groomet off but this didn't do anything, so I put it back on. I just cannot take that half of the elbow out [did I mention that space to work on that is pretty much zero, not to mention tools]. The other half of the elbow is stuck into the U shaped black plastic hose... The portion of the elbow going into the engine block is just moving fore-and-aft about 1mm... it's very tight, dont want to break more stuffs haha... need help, thanks in advance, guys
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Ok. The thread was just a series of inquiries with no solution ...
Here is my quick update: the PN is 2034302729 and is called LINE. You can look it up on line and prices are from $56.50 at MB Annapolis to ... about $80-90 at some other ones. Tax and shipping extra. In Canada is $120 plus tax. It comes as an elbow with the black u shaped hose with a split valve with another black hose [1 meter long] that has a heat shield on it and is bent in a very weird way and with a rubber piece on it. So, pretty smart german engineered design [sic].
Of course the engine cover has to be removed, the MAF has to be removed and don't forget to cover the air intake while you work there [you dont want to drop anything in there].
You will have first to pull straight out the yelowish piece from the intake using a long nose plier while you hold the black bushing pressed against the engine with a screwdriver.
Once you have the new LINE in your hands you will see what you have to disconnect and how.
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