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1997 SL500 LE
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S**t! (sorry)

I just got outbid on the Owner's Manual I have been trying to get while I was out having fun in my new (well, not exactly new) 1997 500SL. It got away from me after I placed a $35.00 bid. I guess next time I will have to be more watchful. But the odd thing is, when I looked at the item again, this is what it said:

"You're bidding on a complete set of used but in excellent condition Mercedes Benz manuals for the 203 body style; 1997 SL Class 500 automobile."

Now, this is bizarre because just this morning I was talking to a guy about some xenon headlights and I gave him the year, make and model of my car, and he emailed me and asked if I had the 203 body style.

I thought it was the R129 body style that I have. Experts, please advise. Because I am just really confused.

As always, my gratitude is immeasurable.
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