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I own a 2005 registered ML. I have looked on a couple of websites and they have mantioned the following Mercedes Ml 1999 model. Mercedes ML 2004 model. I know they did a face lift in 2001/2002. Whats the difference with Ml 2004? How can you tell which model you have?

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The 2004 model was the model before they added the Final Edition or Special Edition. In 2004 I think it was then that they added the Inspiration Edition.
Special Edition vs. Regular

The differences between the SE models and regular models are mostly, if not all aesthetic. What you get in the SE is:

  • Smoked tail light
  • Color-keyed factory running boards
  • Silver/chrome ribbed grill
  • Power-dome hood
  • Brushed aluminum roof rack
  • 17" wide 5-spoke rims and high-performance tires
  • 8-way power seats
  • Premium leather upholstery
  • Dark Burl Walnut or Matte Burl Birch wood trim
  • Chrome-ringed instruments
You'll see the differences better with pics, so here you go!

Here's a Special Edition ML350:
Here's a regular ML350:
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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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