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2014 Mercedes B250 (W246)
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CLA 250/ A 250/ B 250/ GLA 250 Owners,

B250 7DCT Owner here in Canada. I noticed in the Service Brochure, it says that Transmission Fluid/ Filter Change and Spark plugs are only need to be done at 100K Kms/ 60K Miles. Despite my vehicle being at 75K Kms/ 6 years old, the dealership is refusing to change it as apart of Prepaid Maintenance until the car hits 100K Kms (therefore I would need to pay $800 out of pocket if I want it done sooner).

My Question: I wouldn't be on track to hit 100K Kms/ 60K Miles until the car is around 9-10 years old. Is it OK to have 10 year old Transmission Fluid/ Filter & Spark Plugs? Should I trust the dealer that says that the parts are designed to wear based on distance driven NOT time? (Most cars I've owned, including Benzes have both a distance and range - IE: 5 years OR 100K Kms, whichever comes first). Has anyone successfully had these serviced at the dealer ahead of the distance interval at no added charge to their Service A/ Service B?
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