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Hi all!

I am considering buying a 2020 CLA 4Matic in US and I've reached a dilemma. I would like to get an AMG trim (regular or with night package) because I like how it looks. I also noticed the AMG trims come with "Lowered comfort suspension" option (p_code 677 according to my understanding).

However, there is this 850$ option called "Adjustable suspension with Adaptive Damping System" which I am also interested in (it should have a 459 p_code). It seems that I cannot have both worlds: either a lowered comfort suspension or an adaptive damping system (although the official merc webpage lets me have an AMG w/ night package and an extra adaptive damping system).

I've been searching the internet for the differences between the two (or pluses/minuses) and I could not find any comparison. As such, I am at a loss to what I should order. I understood "Lowered comfort suspension" is generally better than the regular one, but it is unclear to me if "Adjustable suspension with Adaptive Damping System" is in any sense better than the lower comfort one.

I tried to drive test both and none of the dealers around have a CLA with these two options to compare. I only went on a fast drive with a 2019 A220 (it has the same chassis as the CLA) with adaptive damping and the drive did not show any noticeable assets in having one (maybe we should have gone off road?).

I drove a 2020 CLA with lowered comfort suspension and I like how it drives (much better than the A220). However, I also like the theory of adaptive damping system (claimed better off-road performance, claimed better road safety, claimed potentially greater damping forces). However, I am concerned if the 459 suspension would make the car drive similarly to the standard suspension which I understand 677 suspension is better. Does it make sense to change the "Lowered comfort suspension" with the "Adjustable suspension with Adaptive Damping System"? \Spreadsheets with the mechanical properties of the two could help - or are these 'trade secrets'?

Any links/hints/recommendations?

Note I am new to the MB cars.

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