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CL600 vs. CL65

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Question, what are the differences between the CL65 and the CL600?

I'm finding 2003 CL600s as low as $24K. I found a 2005 CL65 for $42K. Both with less than 50,000 miles. Both with clean Carfax reports.

What does the additional $18K buy? So far I figure, HP and AMG package. I'd assume brakes and suspension also. But if the CL600 was $120K new and the CL65 was $190K new there must be more to it.
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First off you are comparing an 03 to a 05 so there is a price difference between the 600s already, much less a 600 to a 65.

the 2005 CL600 sold for $128,620.00 and the CL65 for $178,220.00 not 190
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Engine AMG-built twin-turbocharged 5,980-cc SOHC 36-valve V-12. High-strength, balanced forged steel crankshaft. Forged aluminum AMG pistons with upgraded oil spray cooling and high-capacity AMG oil pump and engine oil cooler.
Net power 604 hp @ 5,500 rpm
Net torque 738 lb-ft @ 2,000 - 4,000 rpm
Compression ratio 9.0:1
Fuel and ignition system ME 2.8 engine management. Integrated sequential multipoint fuel injection and phased twin-spark ignition includes individual cylinder control of fuel spray, spark timing and phase, and antiknock. Electronic throttle includes adaptive accelerator, which provides more rapid throttle opening in response to the speed at which the accelerator pedal is depressed. Two high-energy ignition coils and two spark plugs per cylinder, with 100,000-mile spark plug intervals.
Transmission AMG-enhanced driver-adaptive electronic 5-speed automatic. Electronically controlled shifting. Driver-adaptive programming adjusts shift points to the driver's current driving style. Touch Shift allows driver to manually downshift and allow upshifts by nudging the shift lever left or right from the Drive position. Shift into Optimum Gear programming allows one-touch selection of the best gear for maximum acceleration or engine braking by holding the shift lever to the left of Drive for one second. Driver-selectable comfort mode starts vehicle moving in 2nd gear or a second Reverse gear, and upshifts at lower rpm, to help improve control on slippery surfaces.
AMG SpeedShift™ AMG SpeedShift programming provides up to 35% faster gear changes, automatically downshifts during braking, prevents unwanted upshifting while cornering, offers one-touch selection of the best gear for maximum acceleration (Shift into Optimum Gear), and features torque converter lockup in all forward gears. Fingertip manual mode allows direct-access shifting through forward gears via buttons on back of upper steering wheel spokes or via Touch Shift feature of shift lever, and will automatically intervene only to induce an upshift at redline, to downshift as needed upon full throttle, and to select 1st gear when the vehicle stops. In standard and comfort modes, the steering wheel buttons operate the Touch Shift feature.

Its a totally different car
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...and the transmission and "paddle shifting" and the AMG seats and calipers - rotors-brakes. The rear fenders are a bit deeper inside and you can fit 305s easily but not in the 600
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