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CL600 Exhaust Please HELP

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I have a 2003 CL600 twin turbo V12, and after a lot of research (I found on benzworld) the best /cheapest way to get some sound out of stock exhaust is to remove the resonators. Well I just did that today and I had it done exactly how others have on CL55s however my CL600 did not change much at all, it is still silent. I am disapointed and I am hoping someone else with a Cl600 can share sound clips or advise on what to do to get more sound out of the stock exhaust. I would really appericiate any advise or tips!

Thank you!
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I did the same thing and saw no change.
I went a head and deleted the mufflers, It now sounds great but UI have a small amount of Drone in the car now... which is driving me crazy... I wonder if installing a pair of Magnaflow mufflers in rear section would stop the drine and still keep the sound at above factory level.

I want it to sound good but can't stand drone in car.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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