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I've been interested in a CL550 4MATIC for daily driving. I plan to sell my 98 XJR since I haven't driven it in about a year. My parents live next door and are in retirement and borrow vehicles from me regularly, basically I have enough cars that they just drive whatever I'm not driving that day. This also helps make sure everything gets used regularly, otherwise I tend to sometimes let my winter cars sit.

Basically, for 8-9 months of the year, I drive my XKRs 95% of the time. The other months and the other 5% of the time I drive the X3 . I really like the CL550, and feel this would be an excellent addition to the group and would be a great daily and winter driver (with a second set of wheels and dedicated snows). Basically the CL would be the primary winter driver and the X3 would be the backup. I also have the ability to work from home when need be.

I know a lot more about the ABC and such from the previous W215 but the W216 I am very new to. I am a 100% DIY person, and have extensive tools and am not new to needier cars; having owned an A8L W12 and BMW 750iL before. I am not naive that this will cost Ford Taurus money to run, even DIY, and I understand the value of preventative maintenance.

I'm looking at a budget of 20k and am hoping to be under 60k miles and I am perfectly happy with the NA 5.5L in the earlier cars. What is to know about these cars? Is this a decent fit for my life?
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