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CL500 feels very sluggish

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Hey everyone! I wanted to ask you guys does your CL500 feel slow under 3.5k rpm because mine is very sluggish from a stand still if I mash the gas pedal it is so slow, slow as in other cars just driving normally could pass me, anyways I was also next to my friend in his 2016 c300 and that car pulls harder and just leaves my cl back at higher speeds they are more even but from 20 mph to 60 his car is way faster both stock I have a straight pipe thats it. Do any of you guys feel the same with your car? (and I know its not supposed to be a fast car but its still a v8 merc it should have some kick to it) And if you guys can help me out maybe I could change something or I saw another post they said an ecu reset maybe? Thanks!!
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Yes thats how slow I even did launch control with gas and brake
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