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CL500 2002 Windows not syncing

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Hi, I am having a problem with my 2002 CL500 front windows as they will not sync/normalise. I have searched this and other forums, but cannot find the same issue I am having. I think I have tried everything suggested on all the forums I have found and am now out of ideas on what to do next. Any help/suggestions would be really appreciated.

I have tried all the versions of holding buttons up/down from online and my user manual and the windows refuse to sync. Also, if I open either front door, the window for that door drops all the way down and will not move with the window switches until I disconnect and reconnect the battery. Rear windows work fine with the switches and drop when the doors are opened, but will not go up automatically again. They will go back up with the window switches.

I bought the car with this problem and have so far tried the following:
  • Tried two other rear window modules
  • Tried replacement left and right door control modules
  • Replaced the drivers door window switches
  • Replaced one of the window motors and wiring
  • Went through the wires in both left and right door hinges and repaired a few broken wires
  • Found the interior light door switches were disconnected and reconnected them - interior light goes on/off ok
  • Scanned with Foxwell scanner and have no fault codes related to doors or windows
  • Checked live data with the Foxwell to confirm the window switches up/down is recognised/working
  • Foxwell in live data mode identifies both windows are not normalised (synced)
  • Tried with car running, not running and not running with battery charger attached to rule out this being a voltage issue
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Try the sellers on DHGATE. It's been a few years, but I've ordered a few from their sellers.
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