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CL find: 1980 240TD Euro spec?

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ETA: Unfortunately I can't edit the subject to "Oregon CL finds", read on...

First, a 1980 Mercedes 240D.

Car is not running now, it could just need a battery. The body is not the best it has rust . Great for parts! Has really new tires, all original hub caps, a rebuilt engine. It currently has 216k miles, we were told it was rebuilt at 200k.

Not much for photos to see how much rust there is, doesn't mention if it's a manual or auto, could be a good source for Euro spec T parts and a rebuilt 240 motor, or a long term restoration.

Second, a pair of early 123's:
1977 Mercedes 300D

Mercedes 300D (1979)

Both sound like the opportunity to combine what could become p-n-p yard filler. If the body on the '79 is in good shape I'd pick up both and install the motor from the '77, then pull and store any usable parts from it. But I'm not in the area so I'm just throwing ideas out there.

Third, 1979 Mercedes 300D 1 owner

This beautiful one owner auto is in excellent condition and just waiting for a new home. Sun roof, auto trans, near new tires, and near perfect in side and out. This would be a great back to school car, family vehicle, or a fine collectors car.

Looks good, I'd try to get the price lower.
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