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Hi everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to tune up my 367bhp. CL600 to 400+bhp. Some specialists say that powerchips are not good for the engine.
Any suggestions?

1996&1997 S600Long
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I don't have a CL, but I planned to buy one and I collected some info on those cars.
I think it is possible with a few mods.
First there is a BRABUS Sport Cat System , which gives you an extra 25-28HP after BRABUS , and I think you can beleive them.The original cat is very restrective in MB cars.
I bought one but never installed,because I didn't buy that car.I'm putting my money aside for the Bi-Turbo CL600.
Then if you put in high flow air filters, you can get another 5-8 Hp.
There are some people who don't like High Flow Filters , & they are saying it doesn't worth it.
I used K&N Filters in all of my previous MB cars and I noticed better response & a bit better fuel economy, without problems.
I used the filters with aftermarket multi pole spark plugs together.
I'm also from Europe and can honestly say , that there are some very good ECU tuners in Germany.
I let my w140 tuned there , and it lasted about 5hours or so. They measured my car on the dyno first for a few
times , then took out the ECU and reprogrammed it .
Then they measured it again.
This tuning brought more than 35HP to my Car!!
The result was FANTASTIC!!! Better acceleration, response...and much better fuel economy.
On the way home my w140 S600 avaraged 13Liter/100km ( on Highway at around 130-140kmh)
They claim to tune the CL600 to 395ps, so with the Cat from Brabus , a good intake I think it is possible to get around 410Hp.

CL600 Renntech
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That Brabus Cat upgrade is not available in the US and is very expensive. No one makes an air filter for that as of now other than K&N (which may have discontinued that part), the oil in the filter tends to damage the Mass Airflow Sensor in the car over time. This is why Renntech is no longer using them. The horsepower gain is around 2, at the highest RPM's. The limiting factor is not the filter but the airbox. There are several comapnies that make chips or retune your ECU, I won't name names but I will say that looking at documented dyno #'s there is no gain with some of them. I don't know what they are doing, but whatever it is, its not working.

Your only option for an ECU that I know of that actually works, is Renntech's and theirs is rated at 25HP but has been dynoed a few times at over 30.

Trust me I have done the research on this, you get what you pay for, and the Renntech is the only choice. Thats why I organized a group buy.

For an exhaust Eisenmann makes a system, it is lighter and will give you a few extra horsepower, but the main advantage is the sound in produces with the V12. Thats about $1500.

You can gain some performance also by just changing your factory wheels to some super light ones. Thats unsprung weight and will help with handling as well as acceleration and braking.
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