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CIS info needed/looking for W116 service manuals

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I am in the middle of sorting out a 79 450SEL that has been sitting a long time. I pulled the tank, cleaned it out and did the coating thing, got all the lines cleaned out to and from the tank, new fuel pump, filter, all new hoses, new fuel gauge sending unit etc. It was real nasty. Anyway, today got the car to finally start and run. After the initial start, it idled high and rough, but seemed to start easy after I got it going the first time. It smoked quite a bit as well, like fuel smoke I assume. After a while it started smoothing out it seemed, so I pulled the car out of the lift bay, of of the shop and around to the other side of the shop. By this point it was at full operating temp and idle seemed much smoother and not smoking. However, the throttle has to be feathered to get it to rev up, otherwise it will bog down and die. Also seems to be hard to start when warm as well. I do know one of the vacuum temp switches is broken off and it appears it might be related to the vacuum unit for the distributor. I also have several other vacuum y connectors and such that are in bad shape that need to be replaced. I think I need to sort all this out before going much further into it as this could solve some of these problems I suspect.

It has been many years since I have messed with CIS and have forgotten most everything I once knew about it. Does anyone have a link to somewhere that has the W116 service manuals available for download or viewing? I have WIS but not sure if all of this is on there, and its a pain to find stuff sometimes. I did find the indexes on a couple of different sites but the links all seem to be broken.
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I’m still looking thru but the sections of the manuals I’m looking for are not pulling up there. I seem to recall seeing rebuild kits for these, anyone done that before?
Anything related to CIS in the engine manual, links appear to be dead. I did locate a M117 manual with the sections intact for a 107 on another site.
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