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chrome headlight rings...

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anyone know of a place to get the headlight rings for cheap. I saw a few places on the net and they were selling them for 150 bucks.<br>
anyone get them for less... i did see that the CLK and E class rings were going inthe range of 50 bucks<br>
thanks in advance....<p>
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I'm also interested...

And I see no reason why the C rings should be more then the E rings, less if anything.<p>
'cause new C owners are more likely to have rice-rocket past making them crave for chrome slap-ons
Re: 'cause new C owners are more likely to have rice-rocket past making them crave for chrome ....

i was thinking about putting those on but then i saw them on a car and they look hideous. looks like plastic. dont go with those, you dont want your car to riced out with chrome galore. but whatever floats your boat.<p>
(This is a copy of my post on the W210 forum on 10/22/01. See the one that follows it also).<br> <br> I just found a source for chrome headlight rings for my E320. They should fit the 420/430 also. I got them on eBay for $44 but they can also be purchased directly from the seller for a few dollars more. These are the same ones that the dealers sell for $157. I have not received them yet but I will post the results. You can call them m-f 9:30-4:30 pst 800-259-1125 or e-mail Robert Heidrich at [email protected] (they will have a website soon at I am in no way affiliated with this company - just an owner.<br> <br> This is my first post. I just got my 2000 E320 (4Matic, Desert Silver/Java) with only 5,100 mi. What a great site, I have learned much.<br> <br> Best regards,<br> <br> Nick<br> <br> 2000 E320 4Matic<p>
Rice-rocket past??

What's up with the insult? What are you hiding??<p>
i really don't get it.......

people make it sound like driving a C class has so much prestige that it shouldn't changed or modified. hell it's the lowest end MB... it's pretty much equivalent to a civic or accord in the honda line-up.. so what's the big deal? it's just a car and one that really doesn't cost that much (relatively speaking)<p>
This has nothing to do with prestige

This has nothing to do with prestige or position of the C class in the MB lineup. MB as a marque has always stood out for its first class design done by finest professionals in the industry. Least of all MB cars look like DIY 'paint-it-yourself' boxes. On the other hand, a typical rice-rocket world approach is to slap on as many shiny thingies as possible to make it 'look cool'. Very little taste, for the most part... but it certailny is individual, and very difficult to explain to a lot of people.<p>
Re: This has nothing to do with prestige

Well, I can't add much to the price question, as I bought mine directly from Schätz (the manufacturer) in Germany ...<br> <br> ... but what is this ricer discussion all about?<br> <br> I have seen very expensive cars owned by people with no taste and therefore full of add-ons, bumper stickers and other crap. On the other side I have seen cheap (Japanese and other) cars with decent add-ons that turned heads. At the end it is a matter of taste from the owners. <br> <br> And by the way, I had my headlight rings mounted by my Mercedes dealer (one of the largest in Switzerland, selling many very expensive models) and before I picked it up, they put my car in the show room close to a 'normal' C320 and said that all customers (and they themselves) were very positively surprised and had the impression that the car without the rings looked 'unfinished'. It is to say though, that my car is brilliant-silver and I could imagine that on a dark colour, the rings could be too flashy (never have seen them on a car yet).<p>
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Urs and vadim

My car's Magma Red, already quite flashy, and I've always thought that the chrome rings I've seen on Many Mercedes would look great on my car as I bet they do on yours.<br> <br> Vadim, I don't understand why you've even posted in this thread. You don't like the rings, that's fine and you're welcome to your opinion. But it's just that, it's not everyone's and this thread is about where to get them at a reasonable price. Also, they aren't some cheap addon MB never thought of, you can buy them at any MB parts counter! Don't put them on your car and leave us alone. I still don't understand why you started with the insults!<p>
no offense meant, just observation

I just posted my observation - certainly didn't mean to offend C class owners by that.<br> The logic is: many first time MB owners buy C class as a step up from whatever less expensive vehicle they had. Among owners of those cars 'souping up' is rather popular. So many carry this craze of 'slapping on' over to their MB ownership. That's why the chrome rings are more in demand for the C-class, hence higher price. (or maybe this is just an age thing?)<br> By no means am I trying to state that any car can't be improved, but most do it very amateurishly, and it looks *really* cheap on MB.<br> <p>
Anyone put these on a black C yet? I'd love to see pics...thanks
I contacted the person given by Dr.Nicks..he hasn't replied.. let me know if someone hears from him
Re: I contacted the person given by Dr.Nicks..he hasn't replied.. let me know if someone hears ....

I never had a problem with phone contact but I had the same problem via e-mail. He gets many e-mails. In addition to toll free number that I posted (800-259-1125) try 619-697-4369 EEC Auto Parts Group, 6059 Lake Murray Blvd, La Mesa, CA 91942-2506. Also you can just bid on e-bay. I was the only bidder.<p>
Have you tried aluminum foil tape for about $5.
hey Urs, i'm considering it too and i have silver. can you post pics?
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