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looking to get some chrome accents for my the grill inserts,lower grill, rear hatch cover,ac rings,etc... ebay seems good but shipping for each is like 25-30 bucks??? any peeps in here know a good place where I may get a bunch of these and not get hosed on shipping??? thanks MC

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As for the A/C trim rings, most of them are plastic and held in place by glue. This can be a problem and cause them to become loose in hot climates. They also tend to be slightly smaller than the cutout, which means they tend to hide the labels on the controls and are difficult to position to be symmetrical. I had a set on mine and was never really happy with them.

A few weeks ago, I saw an eBay listing from a guy named “weshabby2� selling polished machined aluminum rings. I bought a set and I am very happy with them. They are not quite as shiny as the chrome-plated plastic ones, but in my case, they match well with my brushed metal shift gate trim. If you do get them, I STRONGLY recommend removing the wood trim panel to install them. They are a very tight fit and may even require some gentle bending (of their metal flanges) and some light hammering to get them in place.

By the way, as for chrome accents, I have:

- Instrument cluster trim rings (the ones from eBay that have the flat part on the speedometer, accented by the Avante Garde label)
- Brushed aluminum shift surround with chrome trim
- Chrome (actually polished aluminum) A/C trim rings
- Chrome grill trim strips (plus I am painting my inserts silver – they are at home drying as I write this – more on that later)
- Chrome lower bumper grill insert (the one with horizontal bars, not a silver-painted OEM)
- Chrome tailgate handle cover (which I am replacing – it was metal, but has dented with use – I am replacing it with a plastic one)
- Stainless steel nerf bars (the best dress-up option I’ve added!)

Plans for the future:

- Avante Garde style chrome and burl shifter
- Chrome door handle covers
- I may investigate removing the black paint from the aluminum roof rails and have them polished like the 2005 SE’s.

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