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Chipped eBay box thingy

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I'm new to the forum I'm thinking about buying a vito to convert into a camper. Now it is an odd first question but do these plug in performance/economy boxes work?
Mercedes Vito 115 CDI Economy Tuning Chip Box | eBay

I came across them looking for something else and just wondered if they worked
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I've got a brand new pro bitz one for a 115 vito

that i've never fitted as I ended up trading it in for a 116 model (diffrent engine)

you can have it for £55 next day posted. if you want?

I had one on my 113 and it worked well! bottom end felt stronger and turbo spool(lag) seemed much quicker

pm me if you want it ect
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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