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Chipped eBay box thingy

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I'm new to the forum I'm thinking about buying a vito to convert into a camper. Now it is an odd first question but do these plug in performance/economy boxes work?
Mercedes Vito 115 CDI Economy Tuning Chip Box | eBay

I came across them looking for something else and just wondered if they worked
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From my past experience, for what its worth I would save the money and get a pukka remap, I had a p box thing on my 115 vito, it caused no end of problems as it was joined in to a cable from the throttle position sensor and kept sending the van into bleddy limp home mode.
Had the box removed in the end, still plays up every now and again where the cable was joined, got to wiggle the cable then re start and it's ok for a couple of months, just learned to live with it!
And the box I had wasn't a cheap eBay thing .
Had my last 2000 vito 110cdi remapped and it was perfect, no trouble and no faults.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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