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Just after I bought my 190e, (about 200 miles ago) I noticed what I thought to be a weird low frequency gear(?) noise, like the 3rd member going out. What I found was the timing chain had been moving forward on the cam gear. At this point there are only nubs left on the gear teeth. Upon close inspection, it appears that the chain is straight and aligned with everything below the mid section of the upper guide. The rocker fingers are completely on the cam lobes, yet the cam gear needs to be about ¼ inch further forward to be aligned with the chain.

Does anyone know what might cause this? I suspect the last person who worked on the engine, (a valve job was done just before I bought it), somehow did something wrong somewhere. At this point all I really want to do is repair it correctly, and therefore make my car dependable.

Please let me know what you might suspect, even if you’re not sure, it will at least be a place to start.

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