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Check up for W 140

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I am happy for all you MB owners writing to this forum, only one seemed to have a real difficulties with his MB. I own a Chewy, Ford, Pontiac, Smith&Swesson etc. and I like American stuff. Cadillac has crate sites for information concerning the difficulties and manufacturing faults, specially in Seville 92-95. Dont we have anything for MB cars or dont they have any mistakes to look after, when buying the early models? I will buy early model W140 320SE Automatic as they are coming for SALE from Embassyes and I would appriciate the help 'for someone who is suffering' not to able to buy 96Seville. I am from the Nokia land, where the car tax is 175%.
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Buying a 140 mercedes is a definate love hate relationship that you have to be financially prepared for regardless of how good a deal you buy one for. I love mine.. hell i luv every model of the 140 but any owner will tell you that it is a high maintnace automobile..especially if you buy a later model. the 140 s-class mercedes and the sl convertibles are two of the biggest most technologically advanced mercs on the market and because of that it takes a really good technician or a dealership to maintain the cars operations. Mechanically, Caddillacs are relatively easy as they are american cars built on restricted technological budgets. And the company does this so the new caddilac cars will be relativly affordable for a larger part of the automotive market. So good luck with your future purchase but be prepared..
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