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Check these rare Mercedes sold on ebay!

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To me it looks like these cars where lock in a warehouse and had the key thrown away, till now, these rare unique mercedes are being sold on ebay, check them out...

Bit Pricey for them cars...

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Check out the Shah's cars on the 'The International M-100 Group' , and on our W 126 forum the 3/11 post 'AMG 7.3 L with stick shift and other goodies'. You have to scroll all the way down to get to all 3 pages. Enjoy. Horst K
Did you catch the 7.3 L AMG 450 SLC with 5 speed manual that belonged to a Banker with Hans Stuck als his chauffeur. The post has 3 pages.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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