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Check Engine Light

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Hey All,

So i just resolved the ABC issue and now this. I've been noticing for about the past 2-3 weeks, when I start the car up it somewhat shakes. Nevertheless once its warm and driven it goes away. However, tonight it got cold and I started the car for the first time, let it warm up and drove it a good distance. Stopped it, let it sit in the cold for about 45 minutes and then started it. It was the roughest start I encountered and the Check Engine light came on. I put it in drive and pulled away and after about 15 feet then engine cut off. It then started up, light still on but I drove about 5 miles and was fine. Shut it off again for about 30 min and then started it up again. It had a noticeably rough start. Any ideas? Is it safe to drive? I'd really appreciate the help! Thanks!
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You will need to have the fault codes read out to get any where near to understanding the cause.
You are just assuming at this point. Listen to Eric and go get your Codes read !! That way you will know for sure what is going on. By the way, you can get your codes read at autozone......
Autozone, yes and a darn sight cheaper than the dealers and if he post the codes here we can help him better. No need to pay the dealers a fortune for something that may be a diy job.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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