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Check Engine Light On

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Check Engine Light On - Error 8

Note I have the Cali version.

I pressed the button by the battery and the light flashed 8 times.

Looked it up and it says "Altitude Correction Capsule".

Ok, WHERE is it? and what should I check?
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Isn't the CEL for the O2 sensors going bad? Mine comes on and off occasionally..
Depends, it can be many different things on the California emissions model like I have.

Did you figure it out or get an answer to your question? lol
Because my check engine light just came on while driving today. lol

Well, I reset/cleared it and it has not come back on yet...
TechGuru, tuttebenne and Funky Mad,

I have a 1989 300E. I live in California so I think this car is a Cali version but I could be wrong. Where would you know or find that out anyways?

Okay, I think this is the place forward of the battery, a L shaped covered port, theres a red light which is suppose to flash codes.
Theres also 1-8 ports to put something in. Im sorry if Im not using the right words but Ive never pulled codes off any car before.

Okay so heres a pic or two of the area near the battery.

battery area on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

L port 1-8 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

and here is the round port on the right side of the engine bay if your looking at the car from the front, with many ports to plug in connectors.

there should be a name like RSLFTF (rightside looking from the front)

round port on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Where do I start.

-Is there a DIY instrustions year specific that you followed?
(looked in DIY but didnt find, but maybe overlooked)

-Can you make a link or maybe we can add a clean thread of how to do code reading in the DIY section?

You have the cali version.

On what you call the L-Port there is a button and a red light.

Hold that push button down (with the ignition key on "on") for about 3 seconds then let go and any stored codes will blink back on that red led.

Do you know where theres a code page to tell you what the number of flashing lights mean from start to finish DIY procedures?


Codes list are in here:

around page 23 somewhere depending on your version.
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