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Check coolant level

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Why would it warn me about the coolant level if the coolant reservour is full?
Does this mean my coolant level sensor is gone?
Has anyone encountered the same problem?
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do i need the car running to do that?

I Also found this "--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Yes, we just experienced the same thing here in Indianapolis with the frigid temps. Wife saw the message, so it was parked until I could check it out.

SA advised that this often happens in cold temps on the ML, but I (and MB) would not advise putting anything in the coolant besides their mix. The coolent in this vechicle is clear, you can hardly see it if you open the overflow reservoir. We took it to the shop and they took care of it for free.

One thing that the SA stated, which I don't know if it is true or not, is that the coolent level and washer level are on the same circuit? He implied that low washer fluid could trip the coolant message. This seems pretty basic and leads me to believe that he may have been trying to indirectly tell me that "your washer fluid is low, not your coolant". Anyway, I wonder if there is any validity in his statement?"

And i got also the washer level low msg at the same time....Hmm since the coolant level topped off i wonder if i fill the washer level...and see what happens...will report back
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Above mentioned is true...filled up the windshield washer fluid and both messages dissappear! weird
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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