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1987 560SL, 2000 Kawasaki W650
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I'm going to replace the 36-year-old electrolytic capacitors on my 87 560SL's Cruise Control Amplifier since they are well past their 10-20 year expected lifespan.

Passive circuit component Circuit component Hardware programmer Electronic component Electronic engineering

The job requires 8 caps:

(2) 2.2uF 63V
(2) 10uF 63V
(2) 22uF 50V
(2) 4.7 50V

Total cost $1.02. Normally, the lowest shipping charge is $4.99 for USPS, however, a hack used by cheapskate electronics technicians is found in DigiKey's Terms and Conditions, Section II, Para 6:

Font Parallel Writing Number Pattern

Sending a check for the merchandise amount gets you free shipping, and depending on where you live only takes an extra day or two to arrive. Simply print out your shopping cart list, stick it in an envelope with a check and mail it to DigiKey.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts