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cheap 1988 300TE for parts

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If you need a good parts car and are in the West Chester, PA area this might be for you. Just put an ad in the Phila Inquirer and on this site. The car is complete and runs.


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bump again.........will part out if I do not sell as a unit. Has lots of good parts including 3rd seat, engine, doors, hatch, wheels, sunroof, glass etc. Make offers on what you need if no one wants the whole car.
why are you parting the beastie? it doesnt look so bad!

i'd buy it if i had room for a fourth(or if i sold the vw/merc)

hmm, ive been looking for an excuse to do something on spring break!

what exactly is wrong with the lil guy?
Looks too clean to part out! It would be a pity to break it!
i'm interested in the dash if it's blue and crack free.
The dash has cracks........The reason I will part the car if it is not sold complete is because it was hammered on the driver's side and not repaired properly. I bought the car from a used car dealer in the south that did not disclose the damage. The car, in my opinion, would be a hazard and danger on the highway especially if it was ever hit again on the drivers side.
what about the wheels? who manufactured them?
I beleive the wheels are original to the car.
hard to tell from the pic but they look like 500E wheels.
New and better photos................


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Honestly, I'd regret selling this car. I'd have the dent redone if I were you, and keep it.
Would consider trading for a complete 240D engine in good running condition circa 1982 and up delivered to me in West Chester, PA. Would also consider in trade a Renault 4CV, Peugeot 403, Citroen 11CV or 2CV, rough 356 Porsche, old Packard, '56 VW oval etc.......... Yes, I like old junk.
Check your email... I have some questions for you!!!

I am still hopeful that the whole car will leave rather then me selling it piece by piece. Will see what happens over the next week or so.


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