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Hi all!

I'm selling my leather car seats and side inserts. The seats/inserts are great. They are aftermarket leather that look identical to the factory leather. I got these because there was no leather availabe when I bought my car. They were done by CST and come with a three year warrenty with about two years left. They are just beautiful, the leather is tight and firm and you would never know they are not factory. They are in great shape!!

I'm about to settle a lemon law case and I need to turn my car into MB. I will not get reimbershed for the leather which is why I'm selling them.

In order to make this work, we need to put the buyer's cloth seats in my car and the leather seats in the buyer's.

MB leather seats cost $1,440 extra and I paid $1,500 for these seats. Asking $700 obo for the seats and well either spilt the cost of the installation, or we can just do it together, but I have no idea what I'm doing, so you'll need to take the lead.

The seats are in San Francisco, but if you're in LA we could meet in the middle or something.

Please feel free to email me with questions -- [email protected]

Attached are some pictures, they are not the best pictures, but you'll get the idea.

Thanks so much for reading this.




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